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Company History - Our professional management team has over 75 years of combined experience.

WEB Electrical Contracting Services Corporation was founded by William E. "Bird" Birdsong in 2001, specializing in Commercial and Industrial electrical work.

WEB experienced years of overall expansion and growth, building a broader customer, employee, and contractor base.  By 2009 the company was providing services to nearby businesses, local and regional hospitals, county governments, universities, and multi-national industrial enterprises - valuable clients WEB continues to serve even today.

In 2010 Duane Ruffin joined our company bringing his many years of experience and knowledge to our company.  In 2016 Duane became a full partner with the company and is the head of our Petrochemical division.

While WEB Electrical has served a wide range of clientele, the company, in recent years,  has focused on expanding into the energy/fuel industry, a field that in the recent years has shown significant growth and WEB continues to expand into the all-important energy industry.

Our employee and management teams have continued to grow both in number and Our services as we serve our past, present, and future customers and we remain committed to supporting those customers and industries who have been the foundation of the company's success even while expanding into an exicting future with new customers and a wider range of industries.