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Safety & Training


WEB Electrical is committed to the safety of our customers and employees. In order to ensure maximum safety we've instituted a multi-pronged Saftey Program which includes:

  • 10 hours minimum OSHA training.
  • Weekly Training and Safety sessions to reinforce and improve our policies
  • Certification of equipment and methods through independent providers
  • Strict enforcement of safety policies
  • Safety through competency
  • Daily pre-job Job Safety Analysis
  • 2018 EMR .86



WEB Electrical believes training and safety are two sides of the same coin.  Our training program necessarily includes Safety Training, but safety is best acheived by ensuring our employees are competent in the tasks they are tasked to perform. Our employees must meet minumum training requirements and will often have more specialized training in order to meet a variety of customer requirements.  Our staff training programs include:

  • Recognition of Abnormal Working Conditions
  • Mitigation of Interference
  • Installing bonds and repair
  • Replacement & Maintenance of Actuators
  • Mandatory Safety Training


Our Safety & Training Partners

WEB constantly trains and certifies our employees to ensure we can provide qualified, trained professionals for every job we do.  Here are just some of the companies we use to ensure we are at the top of our field:

ISNetworld - Connecting customers with safe and reliable contractors
Pipeline Testing Consortium
Better Business Bureau